vineri, 30 ianuarie 2009


Yesterday we had a little game in which everyone was given a short dialogue from a book(this one is from The Black Album, by Hanif Kureishi) from which we had to start a story. After 5 minutes, we switched the papers so this way everyone contributed to everyone's story. And after all the switching, everyone had the story they started in front of them and got to see how it ended. By the way, great ending to mine, Alice!

Tell me the truth now, or I’ll slap your face!
You can’t do that thing to me, Zulma!

Why? Shouldn’t I after you betrayed me like that? For the last twenty years we’ve been working toghether. And for what? A bunch of extra dollars. Now tell me the truth!

Michael knew Zulma for almost a lifetime, and never before was so angry at him. Silence was now at it’s peak point in the barely furnished office on the last floor of a fifty store building. Money can turn even family one against another, but they were never this way, thier friendship outstood the test of time, but at that moment, it was like everything was breaking apart. The words didn’t come so Michael decided to leave the room.

Could you just wait for a second before you leave that way? You still have some explications to give me!
You know, it would be easier if you just trusted me.
Hou could I trust you after what I found out? What happened to all you theories about friendship being always the most important?

Zulma was almost crying.

Friendship is important, and it will be always, and you know that, why don’t you try to open your eyes for a second and look around you!

Zulma stayed still. Her „almost tears” dryed.

No! You know what? Forget it, I don’t care anymore! I know that what I did was wrong, but I only did it because I thought it was the right thing to do! But you are going too far!
I’m not the bad guy here!
So what? You are saying that I am?
No! At least, not that I know of it!
Oh! I see! We’re back to that now?
I guess, Zulma, but you can’t blame me for getting back to this. You know you did it with your own hands and will. Still, all of this just for money. Money, Zulma! They blinded you!
Oh, please spare me the lecturing. You know very well that two years ago you went down this road as well!
True..that I can’t deny...
Remind me...why are we arguing againg?
The dead guy.
Oh, right, right...
And his dead wife...
And the guy that just jumped of a building.
Ok...And do we fix it?
WE don’t.YOU DO..
Why do I always have to do the hard and dirty jobs!
Because you got yourself and the company into this mess.
What mess?
Look around you!
And indeed, there were three bodies lying on the floor of the office. He lifted all of them and threw them out the window.
There! Problem solved! he said satisfied.

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