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and here is my story,that's made out of parts from everyone's ideas:)))

“Would you like to come too?”
“I have no business there.”
“Usually I would stop here and pretend to be content of the situation,but not this time.”
“OK.I’ll come.”
“No.You’re not going to get rid of me so easily.I’m going to drag you there if I have to.I’m…wait,what did you say?”
“Let me just grab my bag.”

“You don’t need a bag there.Come on!Let’s go.”
“If you don’t want to see me mad then let me take my time.”
“Oh,I forgot!You’re the dangerous creature.Come on!Don’t make me laugh.”
“Just shut up!It’s for your own sake,believe me.”
“You have no more than 5 minutes.Hurry up!”
“But still,you surprise me,you usually scream and cry than you won’t come with me,and now you just say OK?It’s not you…who are you?”
“Well lets just say that I’m trying my best to change.I realized that even though we don’t always get along too well,we have fun most of the time.”
“So,don’t you want to hear what it is about?”
“Yeah,are we going somewhere elese after this…”
”I feel like dancing!”
“Let’s go get Audrey and Jim,too.We could go
to that new place that just opened last Saturday."
“Oh,come on !The place is called the Coco-Jombo!I want something a bit more classy.”
“You and your classy ideas.OK…OK,fine!Be it as such.We’ll go to your favourite Italian club.”
“That’s better…I real…Wait!Did you just agree with me again!?Omg!Ok…this is just weird.”
“Well I did tell you that I’m turning in a new life.You should appreciate it.”
“Oh,I am,I really am.”
“But not at the right value!Do you have any idea how hard this is for me?I mean all this changing thing is driving me nuts.Imagine the nightmare I’ve been put through yesterday when I agreed on going shopping with Liz!!”
“OH MY GOD!I never thought this change of yours would imply suicide!”
“Yeah.I know.I can barely believe it myself…I mean 12 hours,come on!It took her 2 hrs just to buy a toothbrush.And then…”
He carried on rambing,but in his head he was smiling,he could barely keep it:Plan-Not go anywhere tonight-Accomplished.”
“You should know it’s not easy for me to retire from being a thief.A good one too.I’ll miss all the action,all the adrenaline.But I’m happy you’re helping me out with my last job.It will be great to remember about it .
“And then we’ll go to that Italian club,not Coco-Jombo,right?”

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ok...so here's my story:)

"We'll put your name down."
"Tomorrow at five o'clock, at Hotel de Paris; don't make any mistake."
"Don't worry! You will have your own room. Everything will be prepared when you arrive."
"You'd better not make any mistake because if you do so than you can say good bye to your dog."
"Just be nice to Dixie.Remember that he has to eat very often."
"You know I'll never hurt the dog."

"You just never know what people can do, however don't worry! Trust me, I got what it needs to do all the necessary things and than you'll be jumping up and down with your prize, because I know you'll win this thing!"
"Yeah...I will work hard to fulfill my dream!"

"I need the money to pay the university. I was searching so long for a goal, for a dream, for a purpose in life! And I found it! I'm going to be a dog hair dresser!And my first client will be no other than Dixie!"

"Yes...yes! I heard that one before. You just focus on winning that prize and then you can follow your dream and eventually have your beloved hound as a customer."
"I know. Isn't it great? My little wittle Dixie will be all pretty and pampered. All the other dogs will envy him!! That's right boy! You are going to be a star!"

"Now just go out and you show them! You show them how good you are! Did you drink all the fizz I gave you?"
"What about the beer?Did you drink it?"
"Yes.." he said rolling his eyes"
"All of it?"she inquired raising her eyebrow."
"Good.This can't go wrong. It possibly can't! You go there and let them know how loud you can burp! That's an order!"
"Yes, m'am."

"Wait! Why would I need to burp? I thought this was a dog competition."
"Yes, but if there is a tie, whatever owner burps harder at the jury wins. It's an extra challenge just in case."
"I never heard of something like that, but if you say so. Oh, I think I drank too much beer, I'm not feeling too good, I think I'm going to...."
"My beautiful carpet!!"

"Ups. Sorry. If it makes you feel better I don't do this to everyone."
"Oooo, and i almost felt special."
"Anyway...it's show time. I'm gonna show these pooches what I'm made of. First place here I come."
"Good luck."
(After 3 hours.)
"I can't believe you won."

As you can see we had paper and pencils and even tea,but most importantly we were struck by inspiration and creativity in this tranquil and fascinating environment,The Sand Book Library.


Yesterday we had a little game in which everyone was given a short dialogue from a book(this one is from The Black Album, by Hanif Kureishi) from which we had to start a story. After 5 minutes, we switched the papers so this way everyone contributed to everyone's story. And after all the switching, everyone had the story they started in front of them and got to see how it ended. By the way, great ending to mine, Alice!

Tell me the truth now, or I’ll slap your face!
You can’t do that thing to me, Zulma!

Why? Shouldn’t I after you betrayed me like that? For the last twenty years we’ve been working toghether. And for what? A bunch of extra dollars. Now tell me the truth!

Michael knew Zulma for almost a lifetime, and never before was so angry at him. Silence was now at it’s peak point in the barely furnished office on the last floor of a fifty store building. Money can turn even family one against another, but they were never this way, thier friendship outstood the test of time, but at that moment, it was like everything was breaking apart. The words didn’t come so Michael decided to leave the room.

Could you just wait for a second before you leave that way? You still have some explications to give me!
You know, it would be easier if you just trusted me.
Hou could I trust you after what I found out? What happened to all you theories about friendship being always the most important?

Zulma was almost crying.

Friendship is important, and it will be always, and you know that, why don’t you try to open your eyes for a second and look around you!

Zulma stayed still. Her „almost tears” dryed.

No! You know what? Forget it, I don’t care anymore! I know that what I did was wrong, but I only did it because I thought it was the right thing to do! But you are going too far!
I’m not the bad guy here!
So what? You are saying that I am?
No! At least, not that I know of it!
Oh! I see! We’re back to that now?
I guess, Zulma, but you can’t blame me for getting back to this. You know you did it with your own hands and will. Still, all of this just for money. Money, Zulma! They blinded you!
Oh, please spare me the lecturing. You know very well that two years ago you went down this road as well!
True..that I can’t deny...
Remind me...why are we arguing againg?
The dead guy.
Oh, right, right...
And his dead wife...
And the guy that just jumped of a building.
Ok...And aaa...how do we fix it?
WE don’t.YOU DO..
Why do I always have to do the hard and dirty jobs!
Because you got yourself and the company into this mess.
What mess?
Look around you!
And indeed, there were three bodies lying on the floor of the office. He lifted all of them and threw them out the window.
There! Problem solved! he said satisfied.

Black cat

Jason never agreed with the idea of having a pet. He could barely take care of himself, so having an animal in his apartment was probably the kind of idea Jason would never put in application.

„The accelerated express from Cardiff to London will be leaving in 10 minutes from platform number 9.”

Never has Jason seen the waiting hall of the railway station so crowded. It was because of the winter holidays coming up, then Jason thought. People around him seemed so happy and satisfied, for they were going home to their families and friends, that Jason could actually feel the Christmas spirit surrounding him.

He had the feeling of living in a holidays postcard with all the snow around. It’s been snowing for three days now and of course the children in the station were ecstatic.

As he was walking to the platform something obvious caught Jason’s eyes. It was a black cat standing still in all the white landscape. He couldn’t possibly stand cats. He always thought if the devil would have a pet, it would be a cat. A black one. The cat was staring into Jason’s eyes as they were standing in front of each other. „Stupid devilish animal. Get away!”. Jason scared her away by shouting out loud.

The trip to London went fine, but still Jason coudn’t take his mind of that damn cat. Exactly two years ago, on 15th december he and his wife were involved in a car accident. A truck driver fell asleep and hit them from the other side. It was an uncanny accident as he survived, and his wife died after the doctors struggled to keep her alive for three days.

He’s been dating someone new for awhile now, but Jason couldn’t replace in his heart the person he known and loved for almost all his lifetime. Not with the feeling of guilt he would still feel each morning waking up, with the picture of his true love Penny on his nightstand.

Finally, the train arrived in London with no delays. The snowing stopped now. He was going to take a cab home. Just before he was about to enter the cab, another black cat appeared. Jason felt his mind was doing all kind of tricks on him. „Am I on the edge of losing my mind?”, he wondered. His natural born instinct that helped him so much in his diplomatic missions told him to take the cat home to his brother. Once again, the cat was in front of him, simply staring, waiting for a reaction from the human being in front of her. Jason got down on his knees to take a better look at her. „Who are you? Why are you following me right on his day? Why today?”. He took a look on his wedding ring. He would still be wearing it after all this time. And again, the cat gave him no feedback, as it would have been made of porcelain. Seeing this, Jason got up and turned around to take a cab. But then, the cat meowed, as if she wanted to be taken home. „That’s it. I’m taking you home, you little bitch. Maybe I’ll name you Penny, taking in consideration the day I found you.”

The cat meowed again as Jason took her in his arms.

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Our getaway

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