vineri, 30 ianuarie 2009

Black cat

Jason never agreed with the idea of having a pet. He could barely take care of himself, so having an animal in his apartment was probably the kind of idea Jason would never put in application.

„The accelerated express from Cardiff to London will be leaving in 10 minutes from platform number 9.”

Never has Jason seen the waiting hall of the railway station so crowded. It was because of the winter holidays coming up, then Jason thought. People around him seemed so happy and satisfied, for they were going home to their families and friends, that Jason could actually feel the Christmas spirit surrounding him.

He had the feeling of living in a holidays postcard with all the snow around. It’s been snowing for three days now and of course the children in the station were ecstatic.

As he was walking to the platform something obvious caught Jason’s eyes. It was a black cat standing still in all the white landscape. He couldn’t possibly stand cats. He always thought if the devil would have a pet, it would be a cat. A black one. The cat was staring into Jason’s eyes as they were standing in front of each other. „Stupid devilish animal. Get away!”. Jason scared her away by shouting out loud.

The trip to London went fine, but still Jason coudn’t take his mind of that damn cat. Exactly two years ago, on 15th december he and his wife were involved in a car accident. A truck driver fell asleep and hit them from the other side. It was an uncanny accident as he survived, and his wife died after the doctors struggled to keep her alive for three days.

He’s been dating someone new for awhile now, but Jason couldn’t replace in his heart the person he known and loved for almost all his lifetime. Not with the feeling of guilt he would still feel each morning waking up, with the picture of his true love Penny on his nightstand.

Finally, the train arrived in London with no delays. The snowing stopped now. He was going to take a cab home. Just before he was about to enter the cab, another black cat appeared. Jason felt his mind was doing all kind of tricks on him. „Am I on the edge of losing my mind?”, he wondered. His natural born instinct that helped him so much in his diplomatic missions told him to take the cat home to his brother. Once again, the cat was in front of him, simply staring, waiting for a reaction from the human being in front of her. Jason got down on his knees to take a better look at her. „Who are you? Why are you following me right on his day? Why today?”. He took a look on his wedding ring. He would still be wearing it after all this time. And again, the cat gave him no feedback, as it would have been made of porcelain. Seeing this, Jason got up and turned around to take a cab. But then, the cat meowed, as if she wanted to be taken home. „That’s it. I’m taking you home, you little bitch. Maybe I’ll name you Penny, taking in consideration the day I found you.”

The cat meowed again as Jason took her in his arms.

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