sâmbătă, 31 ianuarie 2009

and here is my story,that's made out of parts from everyone's ideas:)))

“Would you like to come too?”
“I have no business there.”
“Usually I would stop here and pretend to be content of the situation,but not this time.”
“OK.I’ll come.”
“No.You’re not going to get rid of me so easily.I’m going to drag you there if I have to.I’m…wait,what did you say?”
“Let me just grab my bag.”

“You don’t need a bag there.Come on!Let’s go.”
“If you don’t want to see me mad then let me take my time.”
“Oh,I forgot!You’re the dangerous creature.Come on!Don’t make me laugh.”
“Just shut up!It’s for your own sake,believe me.”
“You have no more than 5 minutes.Hurry up!”
“But still,you surprise me,you usually scream and cry than you won’t come with me,and now you just say OK?It’s not you…who are you?”
“Well lets just say that I’m trying my best to change.I realized that even though we don’t always get along too well,we have fun most of the time.”
“So,don’t you want to hear what it is about?”
“Yeah,are we going somewhere elese after this…”
”I feel like dancing!”
“Let’s go get Audrey and Jim,too.We could go
to that new place that just opened last Saturday."
“Oh,come on !The place is called the Coco-Jombo!I want something a bit more classy.”
“You and your classy ideas.OK…OK,fine!Be it as such.We’ll go to your favourite Italian club.”
“That’s better…I real…Wait!Did you just agree with me again!?Omg!Ok…this is just weird.”
“Well I did tell you that I’m turning in a new life.You should appreciate it.”
“Oh,I am,I really am.”
“But not at the right value!Do you have any idea how hard this is for me?I mean all this changing thing is driving me nuts.Imagine the nightmare I’ve been put through yesterday when I agreed on going shopping with Liz!!”
“OH MY GOD!I never thought this change of yours would imply suicide!”
“Yeah.I know.I can barely believe it myself…I mean 12 hours,come on!It took her 2 hrs just to buy a toothbrush.And then…”
He carried on rambing,but in his head he was smiling,he could barely keep it:Plan-Not go anywhere tonight-Accomplished.”
“You should know it’s not easy for me to retire from being a thief.A good one too.I’ll miss all the action,all the adrenaline.But I’m happy you’re helping me out with my last job.It will be great to remember about it .
“And then we’ll go to that Italian club,not Coco-Jombo,right?”

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