vineri, 30 ianuarie 2009 here's my story:)

"We'll put your name down."
"Tomorrow at five o'clock, at Hotel de Paris; don't make any mistake."
"Don't worry! You will have your own room. Everything will be prepared when you arrive."
"You'd better not make any mistake because if you do so than you can say good bye to your dog."
"Just be nice to Dixie.Remember that he has to eat very often."
"You know I'll never hurt the dog."

"You just never know what people can do, however don't worry! Trust me, I got what it needs to do all the necessary things and than you'll be jumping up and down with your prize, because I know you'll win this thing!"
"Yeah...I will work hard to fulfill my dream!"

"I need the money to pay the university. I was searching so long for a goal, for a dream, for a purpose in life! And I found it! I'm going to be a dog hair dresser!And my first client will be no other than Dixie!"

"Yes...yes! I heard that one before. You just focus on winning that prize and then you can follow your dream and eventually have your beloved hound as a customer."
"I know. Isn't it great? My little wittle Dixie will be all pretty and pampered. All the other dogs will envy him!! That's right boy! You are going to be a star!"

"Now just go out and you show them! You show them how good you are! Did you drink all the fizz I gave you?"
"What about the beer?Did you drink it?"
"Yes.." he said rolling his eyes"
"All of it?"she inquired raising her eyebrow."
"Good.This can't go wrong. It possibly can't! You go there and let them know how loud you can burp! That's an order!"
"Yes, m'am."

"Wait! Why would I need to burp? I thought this was a dog competition."
"Yes, but if there is a tie, whatever owner burps harder at the jury wins. It's an extra challenge just in case."
"I never heard of something like that, but if you say so. Oh, I think I drank too much beer, I'm not feeling too good, I think I'm going to...."
"My beautiful carpet!!"

"Ups. Sorry. If it makes you feel better I don't do this to everyone."
"Oooo, and i almost felt special."
"'s show time. I'm gonna show these pooches what I'm made of. First place here I come."
"Good luck."
(After 3 hours.)
"I can't believe you won."

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